Friday, August 29, 2014

EXPIRED: Potentially FREE ($4 worth) of Starbucks drinks (in retail, not coffee shops)!

OLD INFO:  Buy 2 Starbucks drinks at retail (grocery store, etc.) with a "$4 off" coupon, and potentially get your coffee fix for free ...

Read THIS post for newer/updated info.

Read all about it HERE (rather than me re-typing what's already been written and discussed).

Note that it appears you can print the coupon two or three times before it limits out.  May be able to print it more than that in another browser or a different computer.  Coupon is good until 10/15/14 ... so you may be able to take advantage of this offer a few times.  You may want to print out the coupon(s) ASAP, as there's no guarantee that this deal will last.  Also, be aware that the coupon will automatically print to whatever printer you have set up as your "default (primary) printer" on your computer (just know that when you hit "print coupon" it won't give you the option to change printers).

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