Thursday, October 23, 2014

EXPIRED: Get 10-15% off anything at Sears ... maybe even Amazon, too!?!

Need anything at Sears? Tools, tires, house goods, Lands End clothes? You might be able to get the same 10-15% off at too.  Read how ...

For a LIMITED TIME (don't know how long), each person with an Ebay account can buy ONE $200 Sears gift card for $180 (HERE) and up to TWO $100 Sears gift cards for $90/each (HERE).

When you buy just about anything on eBay (including these gift cards), you can earn 2% back in "eBay bucks" (used for future eBay purchases).

Your first stop (before you direct your browser to eBay at all) should be a cash-back or rewards portal, as I discussed HERE.  Pay most attention to item "C" on that page, as I list 3 websites you can use to find the best portal to use for any given website you might be buying from (in this case eBay).  I can tell you that about the best you can usually ever do for eBay is get 1% back, so you might as well use (that is a referral link for me - but you still get the usual sign-up bonus, which is a $10 gift card to Target, Walmart or Macy's - after you first $25 purchase via Ebates!), which is one of the most reputable of the portals.

Finally (in terms of discounts when buying the cards), you should be getting at least 2% value in some sort of cash-back or rewards for whatever credit card you are using (as you can read about HERE, focusing on items "B" and "C" - as well as more details HERE).  Of course, even if you were buying directly from Sears (without buying these gift cards), you'd still be getting this benefit.

Note:  You can also buy discounted gift cards for LOTS of retailers and restaurants at websites like  But, for example, the discount you get for Sears cards is only 5%, and there is some concern (however small) of buying a bad/used gift card - and then having to go through the hassle of getting compensated (whereas buying these gift cards via eBay is very safe).

Now ... once you have the cards (will come in the mail to you) ... you have a few options ...

1) Go to a Sears store and buy whatever you want at a nice discount, whether it's tools, house goods, Lands End clothes (at their store-within-a-store at Sears), or services in the Auto Center.

2) Shop at  If you do this, be sure to check the shopping portals first - as they often times will give you 3-10% back (or in rewards value) for shopping via (and I think you still get the cash back or rewards even if you're shopping with a gift card).

3) FINALLY THE MOMENT YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR ... if you go to a Sears store, they also sell gift cards - including gift cards and others (even Visa gift cards - but those have fees associated with them - yet can still be a great deal for other reasons, as I may describe at a later date!).  IMPORTANT - YMMV (your mileage may vary) on buying gift cards with Sears gift cards (at Sears).  Some retailers (and occasionally at Sears) will tell you that you can't buy gift cards with gift cards.  But my experience at Sears is that you can.  I've had managers approve the purchase (often necessary if you're buying over $100 in gift cards) and I know for a fact that their systems (cash registers) will accept Sears gift cards as payment for other gift cards.  So, at then end of the day, you can get 10-15% off everyday purchases at Amazon (usually very difficult to pull off) ... albeit with a bit of work ...

Whether or not you take advantage of this "deal" ... hopefully it was informative and another example of how to always get the best deal possible ...

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