Thursday, January 8, 2015

STILL AVAILABLE: 6 Chocolate Covered Strawberries (or flowers??) delivered for $15 (gift for someone special?)

I thought this deal would disappear by year-end, but it appears to still be around.  Read on ...
HERE are the chocolate covered strawberries you can order (only the pack of 6 - the pack of 12 would be $20 more).

If you'd like me to order these for you (as many as you'd like), I can send them to whoever you'd like.  The total cost to you (you can just pay me however you want) will be $15 including shipping.  There could be an additional $4 for Saturday delivery, but it will be free (included in the $15) for most weekday delivery (must be at least a few days out from now - but can go out as far as a few months from now).

The person who receives them will not see that it's coming from me.  All they will see is their delivery address (comes from UPS in a cold/ice-packed box) and a special gift message you want to include (up to 140 characters - just tell me what you want it to say, including your name - unless you want it to be anonymous!!).

These will cost me $29.99 (I can get free shipping due to another deal I singed up for - and paid a bit for), but I will get some free miles and discounts on other stuff ... so I'm happy to do it for any of you ... for just $15 flat!  :)

You can also look for other items on (and the affiliated websites listed on the top of the website - such as 1800giftbaskets).  If I order for you, I can effectively get you free shipping and $15 off anything (as long as the item is $29.99 or more - and qualifies for use with a promo code).  So just send me a link or description of what you'd like me to buy for you.  And obviously the best "deal" is buying stuff that costs exactly $29.99 (like the 6 strawberries) - as it will only cost you $15 out-of-pocket.

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