Thursday, December 4, 2014

Get $40 in Amazon eGift Cards for $29 (act quick!) - or possibly as low as $19!!

You may have gathered by now that I love finding deals at Amazon.  Their prices are already so good (on most items), so getting any discount is a bonus.  Read on to find out how ...
I should start by saying that part of this deal (the $5 off $25 code at might not be around long.  But the rest of it should work for a decent period of time. is a website where you can buy eGift cards.  For example, you buy an gift card and you immediately get a code that you enter into your account - and your account then has that much money in it being wait to be spent.

I'm going to start with the more complicated part of this deal, but you can skip down (below) to the "here is the easy part" section if you want to simply get $40 worth of Amazon gift cards for $30 (or a smidge less - depending on how you look at it!).

The first thing you want to do is sign up at one of the following two cash-back portals (there are others you could use, but to keep it simple I'm just going to list 2 here - and you can read more about cashback portals HERE).  Either Ebates (my referral link HERE) and/or TopCashBack (my referral link HERE).  By signing up with Ebats, you will get a $10 gift card (to the merchant of your choice - including Target, Walmart or Macy's) IF you spend $25+ via the Ebates portal within 90 days (and you will if you follow the steps below).  Full disclosure, I get a little something when you sign up & spend the $25 too.  Or you can sign up and do the shopping through TopCashBack (they don't give you anything just for signing up, but you can turn around and refer a friend/spouse and get $10 when they sign up & spend - like I will when you do).  You also earn 3% back via TopCashBack (or slightly more than 3% if you take your payout in the form of Amazon gift cards) when shopping at (and differing amounts at other merchants).  Or you can earn "up to 2.5%" (I haven't read the fine print of the "up to") for shopping at via Ebates.

HERE IS THE EASY (or easier) PART.  Now go to (I recommend doing it via Ebates or TopCashBack - as described above).  As a new customer, you will get a $5 off coupon code (the fine print says $5 off $15 or more).  So now buy a $15 Amazon eGift Card from Gyft using that $5 off code (you'll have to copy & paste the long code into the "promo code" box).  Now you've finished step one and got a $15 Amazon Gift card for $10 (or a bit less if you used the shopping portal - and paid with a rewards credit card, that should give you at least 2% back in value, as you can read more about HERE).

The next step is to buy a $25 Amazon gift card via, and use the promo code "FDFAMILY" (may not be around long!) to get $5 off.  So you will now have a $15 and $25 Amazon gift card for $10 + $20 (or a bit less if you value the shopping portal cash-back and credit card rewards).  Yes, this took a little bit of work and explaining (not bad if you skipped the shopping portal stuff), but you got at least 25% off ($10 off $40) at Amazon!  Given their good prices, that's a nice deal!

Finally, if you used TopCashBack, you can now refer a friend or spouse to join.  And if they go through this same process (including spending $25+ at, you will get a $10 referral bonus from TopCashBack (or I think $10.30 if you take it in the form of an Amazon gift card, instead of cash).

Let me know if you have any questions!

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