Friday, April 17, 2015

Save up to 35% (with potentially free shipping) on Wine at

Sorry for my lack of posts recently.  But read on if this sounds like it might be of interest to you ...

I'm not going to write a lot about this deal, but instead just give you a couple links to read:  HERE (note that the person in the comments who says this can be used for "$30 off $30" is incorrect) and HERE (this second link is to an older post with some out-of-date info, but potentially good info).

A few notes:

Whether or not this is a good deal ($30 off $100 coupon code) probably has a lot to do with whether or not prices are good at  It sounds like the author of the blog post thinks you CAN find good deals (at least relative to other prices on the internet - but have no idea how internet prices usually compare to Costco or other retail options).

As you will read and see on the website, you can sign up for a free one-month trial of FREE shipping. But don't forget to cancel the free shipping trial within the first month, or else you'll be on-the-hook for $50 for one full year of free shipping.

I have no idea if you can use this coupon code multiple times (I think so - but not sure), if you have to use an Amex card to buy the wine using the code (I think that's the intention - but sounds like it's maybe not a requirement), or if you have to "register" your Amex card for this Amex Offer (I'm pretty sure you do not - as this is a coupon code offer, not a statement credit offer like most Amex offers).  Bottom line, I think this is just a simple coupon code like you'd use on any other website, but read what the blogger has to say and make up  your own mind.

Finally, to get 35% off, besides using the coupon code, you'd have to use a shopping portal to get another 5% off.  Use to find the best shopping portal to use with, and see my previous blog post (HERE) about using shopping portals.

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