Friday, June 19, 2015

Free Lunch?!? (Or Discounted Dinner!) $20 off (any amount) this week ONLY using OpenTable at select restaurants

There's only a handful of restaurants in Portland (mostly downtown) that will accept OpenTable payments, but perhaps one of them works for you (or you can check the list in your city).  Read on for more details ...

UPDATE:  I bumped this up to the top of my blog, in hopes that a few more people might use this before it expires (probably good through tomorrow or maybe Sunday?).

This deal is described HERE.

Be sure to read through the "Tour" and "How it Works" (and WHERE it works - to see the list of restaurants in your city) details HERE.  And be sure to use the code "lovedad" between now and June 21st.

I might just have to find a friend to have a nearly-free lunch with at Portland Prime or the Ringside Fish House this week!

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