Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Potentially less than $200 for a 43" Vizio 1080p Smart HDTV ($260 worst case vs $365 regular price)

Maybe I should rename the website PDX TV Deals.  But read on for another great TV deal ...

UPDATE (8/5):  Unfortunately the $50 off coupon is no longer working.  The rebate still works (and the Discover portal), so it is still a pretty good deal.  But other TV deals will come along.

Similar to a number of the other recent deals, this one requires you to be a Discover cardholder (or using me - if you happen to be lucky enough to be my friend!).  The great news is that the recent Discover "double cashback" offer has been extended through the end of September, which you can read about HERE.  (If you have any questions about Discover or the "double cashback" offer, just let me know.)

HERE is where I found this most recent TV deal.  As you will see, this TV (which sells for $365 at Amazon or $390 at BestBuy) sells for $390 - a $50 coupon from Dell.  On top of that, there's an $80 mail-in rebate (as always - you want to be VERY careful to follow the rebate rules!).  That get's you down to $260 for the TV and anyone can do this part of the deal.  Actually, you can do even a bit better via buying a $300 Dell gift card at ~5% discount (so another ~$15 off) via Raise.com or another gift card reseller (and you can look up the best deals on discount gift cards at GiftCardWiki.com).

Where this deal potentially gets even better is via the Discover shopping portal.  Dell Home is currently paying 10% back via the Discover shopping portal, and as you know from my previous Discover posts (see link above) - they are currently doubling all cashback earned (but you do have to wait 12 months for the doubling).  The cashback amount is earned on the amount you pay to Dell (before the rebate), so 10% (doubled) times $340 is $34 ($68) more off via the Discover shopping portal.  Full disclosure:  Discover COULD reject the cashback for either:  a) using a coupon code (and we are using a $50 coupon code), and/or b) using a gift card and/or other credit card to pay for the TV (instead of the Discover card).  But, in my experience, you can usually (can't promise!) earn the cashback even with the coupon and/or other forms of payment.

Add all this up, and there's a pretty good chance you can get to below $200.  [Actually, this could get even better by partially utilizing the current $100 off $599+ Amex Offer for Dell that was available on many Amex cards recently - but is no longer available for new signups.]

If you don't have a Discover card:  a) I strongly recommend thinking about it ... and b) if you happen to be my friend, let me know and perhaps I can order it for you to help lower the price at least a bit below $260 (which is still a great deal!) - if I can verify that the Discover cashback works (which it should).

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