Thursday, September 10, 2015

Deal of the Year? I think so. More Details on how to earn 20-30% cashback (up to $2-3k) via Discover per Adult!

I posted about this yesterday.  But now we have confirmation and great analysis on the deal.  Read on ...

[Update (9/18): As Frequent Miler reports HERE, it is possible (but not certain) that the ApplePay/Discover 10% (doubled) promotion will NOT work for gift card purchases. Stay tuned to find out if it gets confirmed one way or the other. But, regardless, this is still a great promotion!]

I don't have time to elaborate much on this deal (that I wrote about yesterday HERE), but fortunately two great bloggers have already done that for me.

Shawn at Miles to Memories recaps it HERE.

Chuck at Doctor of Credit recaps it HERE.

(Update: another good post from Frequent Miler HERE.)

Basically, with a Discover card linked to Apple Pay (and it's easy to become a Discover cardholder** or a temporary iPhone user, as noted in Shawn's post), you can earn 11% cashback (15% in their 5% quarterly bonus categories) between 9/16-12/31/15 on up to $10,000.  This is great for everyday spending, but if you don't have the need to spend $10k on normal spending between now and year-end, Shawn highlights some ways you might still fully take advantage of this offer.  (Feel free to ask me if you have any questions.)

If you want to sign up for a Discover card (only do so if you really want to! but read HERE about why it might be a great thing you should consider), please consider using MY REFERRAL LINK.  If you do so, we will both get $50 statement credits (which will be doubled to $100 at the end of 12 months).  This is the best currently-available public offer.  But feel free to apply via my link or directly at Discover's website.

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