Saturday, February 13, 2016

IHG (multi-brand hotel chain) "Priceless Surprises" sweepstakes (CHEAP hotel nights with some effort - HURRY!!)

Unless you're a frequent traveler, the name IHG might not mean much to you. But read on for some details about how you could score some VERY cheap hotel nights ...

First things first, if you haven't heard of IHG, it is a multi-brand hotel chain that includes: Intercontinental, Kimpton, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, Candlewood Suites, and more.

I should have passed this deal along MUCH sooner. The bottom line is that it is a potentially great way to get some cheap hotel nights. But it requires some upfront investment (about $50 per adult - and you could do it for both spouses, if married) and a definite investment of time (probably an hour or two per person - depending on how fast you work!).

Before I write much more, I'm going to direct you to two blogs that have written much more extensively on this topic (and probably will do a much more in-depth job of describing the deal). So here are links to write-ups on this "deal" at Frequent Miler and Deals We Like.

Note the MOST IMPORTANT DETAILS:  You must sign up for both a (free) IHG account AND register for this specific deal ... before you mail in your entries. And you MUST HAVE THE ENTRIES POSTMARKED BY MONDAY (2/15), so you need to HURRY!  (I think that some major post offices, like the Portland airport, will postmark mail on Sundays. But check that for yourself, or get it done and postmarked Saturday! I think post offices are closed on the Monday holiday, but maybe there's a postmark option on holidays? If you know of one, let me know!)

Bottom line ... why would you be crazy enough (and my family was last night!) to spend ~$50 per person (on stamps and supplies) and spend the time on this? Well, as highlighted in those blog posts, you will "earn" AT LEAST 47,000 IHG points (if you follow the rules EXACTLY - including getting the entries postmarked on time), and possibly even more if you get lucky in the sweepstakes.  Those 47k IHG points are enough for potentially up to 9 hotels stays (if you're able to utilize IHG's PointBreaks program for 5k points/night), or more likely something like 4-5 nights at a low-end hotel, 2-3 nights at a decent hotel, or roughly enough for 1 night at a very nice hotel. Regardless of how you use the points, $50'ish plus some time/effort, is not a bad investment for up to 9 hotel nights, or even one night at a very nice hotel (at a resort or in a big city). And if you do it for both spouses, it's double the investment (money and time), but it arguably makes it even more worthwhile (especially/maybe if you're targeting a couple nights on vacation in a really nice hotel).

That's enough from me on this deal, especially since nobody else is likely enough to be crazy to do this on short-notice!  But, again, I refer you to those two blogs (linked above) for details. And let me know if you're crazy enough to join me in doing this! (And don't forget to get your entries postmarked on time!)

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