Monday, October 10, 2016

Free BIG (shareable) Slice of Chocolate Cake at Claim Jumper!! (now thru 10/31)

If you like chocolate cake (and who doesn't?!), then here's a deal for you. Read on ...
I just got a great offer in an email from Claim Jumper (and I don't see any harm in sharing it since it does not appear to be unique or targeted in any manner).

To see the offer, click HERE to see the "share" link I was able to create from the email. If it's not working for you (let me know in the comments), then perhaps you'll just have to sign up for Claim Jumper's email list (HERE) to not miss out on future offers! (not sure if you'll get an email for this offer or not)

The key detail of this offer is that you print-off or show the offer on your smart phone, and you get a free slice of Claim Jumper's HUGE Chocolate Motherlode Cake (up to a $11.99 value!) if you purchase at least 2 adult entrees. Believe me when I say that a slice of this cake is BIG, so you could probably get 2 small entrees and share a slice of cake, and probably feed more than 2 people!

As you will see in the fine print (even though you may see the address for one of the PDX-area locations at the bottom), this works at just about every (all but 2) Claim Jumper locations.

The deal is good now through the end of October, and it appears that you can use it multiple times.

To make this even better, I recommend either: a) using the Ebates in-store** 10% discount for Claim Jumper (if you've never used Ebates before - please use my referral link and you'll get $10 after qualifying!); or b) buying discounted Claim Jumper (or Landry's Restaurants) gift cards (look up the best discounts at GiftCardWiki).

**If you're not familiar with Ebates' in-store discounts, you can read more about it HERE.

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