Thursday, March 9, 2017

Great freebies at McDonald's and Potbelly!

Often times restaurant freebies aren't all that great. But I think you'll find these ones pretty good. Read on ...

I've been enjoying the first one of these for a while, and just ran across the second one. Figured I'd pass them along for more people to enjoy ...

1) McDonald's - In general, their app is great for freebies. I think a lot of the "deals" they have on the app are regional in nature. But I know that in PDX, they tend to be pretty generous with freebies and discounts, and the deals reset weekly. (In PDX, we also get a free sausage McGriddle whenever the Blazers score 100+ ... which is pretty much every game, since they are ... ummm ... defensively-challenged.) Also note that my family members each have their own account and are able to access their deals on my phone via logging out & in.

But the great deal they have running right now in their app (and I've heard from friends in other regions of the country that they have it too) is for a "free medium McCafe" with ANY purchase (emphasis mine). The fine print does not seem to place any limitations on the ANY. And while you might think "coffee" when you hear McCafe, they have lots of McCafe beverages, including milkshakes (I recommend the seasonal chocolate shamrock shake!) and frappes. Potential ANY items might be a soft drink ($1 any size soft drinks in most regions), a small fry ($1.49), or other dollar menu items. I do not know when this deal will expire, but it seems to be re-loading back into my account at least weekly of late.

2) Potbelly - I just saw this on SlickDeals. Apparently if you download the Potbelly app and sign up for their loyalty club, the app is loaded with a free sandwich. (According to one comment at SlickDeals, the free sandwich is actually a credit good for up to $7 off your order. I have not confirmed this yet.) I do not see an expiration date on the offer in my app, so I don't know if it just stays in your app "forever" (until you use it), or if it will eventually expire. Similar to the McDonald's deal, I was able to create an account for my wife on my phone in the same app, so that she can also partake on her next visit.

UPDATE: Noah (in comments) let us know that this deal appears to be dead. Or at least a lot worse. It appears that people are now getting a free cookie, instead of a sandwich. That's the offer showing up in the app now, even if you (like me!) signed up when the offer was for a free sandwich. Lame.


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  1. I downloaded the Potbelly app Friday and had the free sandwich perk that was supposed to last 21 days.

    I logged in today and it disappeared and was replaced with a free cookie! Should have yesterday I suppose, looks like the deal was too good to honor.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up, Noah. Looks like the same for me. That is a really lame bait & switch by Potbelly.