Monday, September 8, 2014

Earn 6% of Groupon ALL THE TIME -and/or- 20%+ off of any one Groupon "local" deal (like a great movie offer from Cinetopia) through tomorrow

Probably everyone knows that Groupon can be a great place to find deals, but did you know you can get an even better deal when you buy via Groupon.  Read on for more details ...
If you ever buy from Groupon, did you know that you can always get an additional 6% off (in the form of a cash-back rebate)?  You can do this by visiting Groupon via or

For that matter, you can earn cash-back (or other rewards) rebates when buying just about ANYTHING online.  For more details, I'll point you to a previous post from my website HERE.

Groupon is currently also running a coupon deal today and tomorrow only (through 9/9) for 15% off any one Groupon "local" deal (things such as restaurants).  Use the coupon code "LOCAL15".  You should be able to use the coupon code and earn the cash-back rebate (but note that sometimes the cash-back rebates can be invalidated by the use of a coupon code - unless the coupon code is listed on the cash-back rebate website).

A particularly nice deal (if you live in the Portland area) right now would be to use the 15% + 6% off to buy a voucher for 2 movies + a free concession voucher at any of the 3 Cinetopia movie theaters for $19.95 (price before the discounts).  Just go to Groupon and search for "Cinetopia".  Considering some 3D movies and/or shows in some of their specialty "movie parlor" or "living room" theaters can be as much as $20 per ticket (!!!), paying less than $16 for a pair of tickets and some free popcorn or coke is a pretty good deal.

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