Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Free popcorn or drink (or other stuff) every time you go to a Cinemark Theater (includes Century & Rave theaters)

A small "deal" for today.  But a decent little piece of info for movie-goers ...

If you ever go to movies at Cinemark Theaters (also under the brand names of Century or Rave), here's a deal for you to usually (always?) get your choice of free popcorn or soft drink (or sometimes other item) with the purchase of the other item (i.e. - buy a coke and get a free popcorn, or vice-versa).

FYI - the 3 theaters in this chain in the Portland area are the Century Theaters at Clackamas Mall, Eastport Plaza, and one in Beaverton.

Sign up HERE to get weekly emails from them.  (FYI - no need to sign up for multiple theaters, as you will get the same coupon for each theater you sign up for.  And coupons can be used multiple times at any of their theaters - even ones that are out-of-town from your usual location, in case you happen to be traveling and want to use this "deal".)

You'll start noticing that you get a coupon via email every week (I think usually on Wednesdays).  Each week, it will be a little bit different.  Sometimes offering free popcorn if you buy a drink, or vice-versa, or something else (like buy a coke and get a hot dog or candy).  Even if you don't plan on using it, do NOT delete the coupon from you smartphone's email.  Next time you are at the theater, search your smartphone's email for "Cinemark" and you'll find all the weekly emails with coupons.  You can either use the most recent (active) one.  Or ... I've found that the theaters don't care about expiration dates on these coupons (have even had some employees tell me that).  So if you find a coupon that you particularly like, you can probably use it multiple times (they are not single-use coupons).

I think Regal (the biggest chain around Portland) has a similar weekly text-message coupon.  But, as I recall, the coupons are only good for a couple days mid-week (and, as I recall, cannot even be "pulled up" on your phone after the expiration date).

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