Thursday, April 30, 2015

Where Do These Deals Come From??

I often times get asked this question.  Read on for more details ...

I always try to cite my sources for deals that I post here, unless I happen to have come across the deal on my own or the deal is so widespread on the "blogosphere" that its too difficult to pinpoint the origin.

But I do have my favorite "go-to" sources for deals, as well as travel and personal finance info.

There's a guy name George who runs a blog called "Travel Blogger Buzz" and maintains a "Blogs I Love" (as well as "like" and "hate") list.

For me, I'll keep it simple.  I'm going to list my favorite blogs here, and may update it from time-to-time.  Some of you may find value in checking them out for yourself, while many of you I'm sure will be happy for me to just pass along what I think is their best content from time-to-time.  For today, I'll start with my 3 favorites:

Miles to Memories - Run by a nice guy named Shawn.  Has lots of great content on deals, travel, and personal finance.  And Shawn and his young family have literally traveled the world on a budget, so he knows what he's talking about.

Frequent Miler - Run by Greg, with some content provided by MtM's Shawn.  Greg posts a very insightful blog nearly every morning, while Shawn share great deals.

Doctor of Credit - Run by Will & Chuck.  Great content, especially regarding credit cards and bank/brokerage accounts, along with some great deals.

All are worth a follow on Twitter, as well, if you're into such things.

There are many others, so I may add to the list from time-to-time.  It is also probably worth mentioning that there are some other good old standby's for purely finding user-generated "deal" postings, with FatWallet and SlickDeals being the most notable.

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