Thursday, October 15, 2015

You should join AARP. I'm serious. GREAT deal!!!

I realize you might think this is a joke.  But it's not April 1st.  Read on ...

Earlier today, some big travel-related news broke on the travel blogosphere. HERE is a post on the topic from Miles to Memories.  Unfortunately that deal is nearly gone (the best prices anyway) and requires you to have a good chunk of British Airways Avios points (or Chase or AMEX points you can transfer to Avios) to maximize the deal.

But a small point within this deal is worth checking out for ANYONE (everyone!).

Did you know that anyone can become an AARP member?  Apparently the age to become an full-fledged member is 50 (seems young!!), but anyone can become what is apparently referred to as an associate member!  It costs $16 per year, or less if you sign up for multiple years.  And spouses get a free membership card!

So why would you want to join?!?  Besides the joy of giving your younger-than-50 spouse an AARP membership card (!!!), you should check out the discounts HERE.

According to THIS ARTICLE in Fortune (a bit dated - but think the info is still good) and other things I've read online, apparently some merchants require people to show their AARP membership card and show proof of age (50+).  But it looks to me like most merchants just say you have to be an AARP member!  There's lots of great discounts on restaurants, hotels, etc.!  (With one of the best being the $400 discount on British Airways noted in the Miles to Memories post above.)

I can't wait to go to Denny's and get my 15% off!  :)

UPDATE:  I seriously hope that my AT&T Wireless monthly plan is a "qualifying plan" ... I'd love 10% off my monthly cell phone bill!  (AT&T discount HERE)

UPDATE #2:  I have been enjoying 10% off my AT&T bill (the "base" portion of the monthly bill only - not including installment payments on phones, etc.) for a few months now!

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