Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Get Hulu (similar to Netflix if you're unaware!) for potentially less than $2 per month! (~80% off) Also, cheap Showtime!

For those of you who are "cord cutters" (or even if you aren't) and interested in Hulu, you might find this interesting.  Read on ...

I came across this Reddit discussion today.  It covers a number of topics, including a current Amex Offer available for $10 off $15 spent on Hulu.  But the more interesting revelation for me (maybe not for you?!) was that there are eBay sellers of HIGHLY discounted annual (or 6-month) Hulu subscriptions.

I was able to buy a 12-month Hulu gift card on eBay today for just over $20 (just search for "Hulu gift card" at eBay).  What you are actually buying is a $100 gift card.  When you go to apply it to your Hulu account (either a new or existing account), you have the option of getting 12+ months of service for that $100 ($8/month) or 8+ months of their "commercial free" service ($12/month).  Whichever way you go, you're effectively prepaying your Hulu service for 80% off face value.  (Which is better than the 67% off you'd get using the the Amex Offer.)

Warning:  As some people note on Reddit, there's some risk that the people selling these codes on Hulu are buying them with stolen credit cards.  I don't think that's the case (the seller I bought from says he got them as gifts), but you should protect yourself as best you can.  I purchased the code from eBay with the credit card I'm most comfortable with potentially backing me up if I have to dispute a charge (which most credit card companies will do - but some better than others).  (For many items on eBay, you can now pay directly with a credit card, rather than using PayPal.)  eBay should also provide buyer support, if need be.  I already applied the code successfully to my Hulu account, and worst case I figure I'd be out $20+.  (Note that there appear to be more legitimate, or at least better-reviewed, sellers on eBay selling for around $30.  So that's an option if you want to play it safer, and still get 70% off.)

Finally, another angle to this deal is getting Showtime for cheap.  Many of you will know Showtime as a premium movie channel (similar to HBO).  But they also have some great original programming, like Homeland.  You can now add Showtime to your Hulu subscription for $9/month.  So if you buy these discounted Hulu gift cards on eBay, you can have access to Showtime for around $2/month.

I'm new to this deal, so if you think I missed anything ... please set me straight in the comments!


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