Friday, October 7, 2016

PDX-only (and Seattle) Deal: Uber/Lyft versus short-term rentals (of a BMW or Mini Cooper!)

Just passing along some quick info today, for those who might not have heard of a new do-it-yourself ride-sharing service in Portland. Read on ...

Alan over at Single Flyer updated a helpful post today talking about the do-it-yourself ride-sharing services in his home Seattle market. I suggest you read it in-full HERE, since I'm not going to re-hash his helpful post. If you're like me, you'll probably still have more questions, so I'll also point you to a good FAQ on ReachNow's website.

As a car-owner, I don't see myself using the service much. But I thought it was worth passing along for a few reasons (to folks who might not know about these services).

1) May as well sign up for ReachNow right now while it's free (sounds like it might go up to $39 eventually). I signed up via their app, and it was quick to just scan my driver's license and a credit card.

2) Maybe you find yourself in Portland or Seattle sometime and need a car for a short time period. At that point, it becomes a question of taxi versus Uber/Lyft versus using one of these services. For me, Uber/Lyft has already beat out taxis in most cases. Uber is great for relatively short drives. But what if you need a car for an hour, for a fairly long drive that would be pretty expensive for Uber? Certainly renting a car from a traditional car rental agency is an option, but I think services like ReachNow fill a nice sweet spot - especially for a 1-3 hour rental (an hour will cost ~$24 and the up-to-3-hour cap is $50).

3) Maybe you want to take a BMW or a Mini Cooper for a spin sometime! Heck, I'd be tempted to rent a BMW for a weekend (2-day) trip up to Seattle (just for fun sometime!), especially if ReachNow would change their 2-day price cap in the Portland market (currently $220) to the same as their Seattle cap ($180).

4) If you're looking for a NICE rental car, it's also worth mentioning Silvercar (which I reviewed for Miles to Memories HERE - and please use my sign-up referral code of "SWFMZBDO" if you happen to sign up). But, as of yet, it has not yet entered the PDX (or Seattle) markets.

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