Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Are you eligible for a class-action settlement payment (up to) $900?! Easy/quick to check!

This one is pretty straightforward. Read on for more details ...

I saw this at Dan's Deals and recommend you read that post HERE.

HERE is the link to the page for checking if you are eligible for the class-action lawsuit settlement. You'll probably choose the 3rd bubble and hit "continue" ... and it will tell you if your phone number qualifies. The nicest thing about this settlement is that you might be owed $900 (although that number could get cut back if a lot of people put in a claim). But another nice thing is that there's no ambiguity about whether or not you're eligible for the settlement ... either your phone number qualifies or it doesn't. (So often with class action settlements you have to "remember back" 5-10 years about which products you purchase and how many units.)

Unfortunately, none of my landline or cell numbers qualified. But I have family members who did qualify. So do yourself a favor and input your numbers (and numbers for your family and friends - what a great "present" you could give them by telling them about this!).

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