Monday, February 12, 2018

Get an Apple TV 4k for ~50-75% off (to resell?) and get 3 months of DirectvNOW (online TV) for free!

This is a great deal if you're looking to make a profit, want an Apple TV, or want online TV service ... or any combination of the three. Read on for more details ...

I'm not adding a ton of value here, as I'm mostly going to direct you to 2 other posts for more detail. But I will give you a few key things (below) to be aware of ...

The deal as described by my friend DDG (at my friend Shawn's Miles to Memories blog): HERE

And here's the first post of the day we found on the topic from Travel with Grant: HERE

IMPORTANT:  The post from Travel with Grant goes into pretty good detail on everything you need to know. I recommend following it closely, because I went a little too fast and got confused the first time.

Here's some things to keep in-mind:

1) If you're learning about this from me, I'd certainly appreciate it if you signed up (if you don't already have an account) for BeFrugal through me (that's my referral link - we SHOULD both get $10 if you use it and complete the purchase). But I also wouldn't fault you for using the Travel with Grant or Miles to Memories links. :)

2) Note that this is only for NEW users of DirectvNOW (which is Directv's online TV service - you do NOT need to be a Directv satellite subscriber). You are allowed to do this deal once per person, but twice per household.

3) Don't be confused (if you follow the TwG steps closely) that the "Live a Little" (cheapest) TV service shows up as $10/month (with the "YESNOW3" promo) instead of $35. If you keep following through and choose that you want the Apple TV, you WILL pay $35/month for 3 months ($105). You actually get 3 months + 7 days (for the free 7-day trial).

4) IMPORTANT: Be sure to set a calendar reminder for yourself to cancel the service (if you don't want it anymore) after the 3 months you pre-pay.

5) If you have a Bank of America credit card (of any kind - such as an "Alaska Airlines" credit card), be sure to log-in to that account first and look at their BofA offers/cash-back deals. Check to see if you have been targeted for the "$35 off" promo, and IMPORTANTLY register/select the promo (should be good through February 15th). If you do have the promo (and register for it) and pay with that credit card, you should get an email right away telling you that the promo has been triggered (and you should get a $35 statement credit). This is still a good deal, even if you don't have this promo ... but obviously it's $35 better if you have the promo ...

Bottom line, you'll be getting 3 months (plus 7 days) of the DirectvNOW service and a new Apple TV 4k (sells for $179 on Amazon - and can be resold on eBay or Craigslist for around $125-$150'ish) for $105 ... minus some discounts:  $22 from BeFrugal + another $10 from BeFrugal if you're a new user + potentially $35 off from BofA. So should be either $83, $73, $48 or $38! Either way, a good deal for what you're getting. (Note: there is some risk of BeFrugal not "tracking" and you not getting paid. I suggest starting with a clean/fresh private browser session - going to BeFrugal first, and then clicking on the "Directv Now & Apple TV" promo button to go to Directv Now. Hopefully the worst case is that you have to put in a claim with BeFrugal for them to pay you. But there is always some risk of not getting paid by shopping portals.)


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