Monday, May 17, 2021

A very quick & easy $40 (or lots more?!) via Rakuten (formerly known as Ebates) shopping portal

I'll try to keep this as brief as possible (but with hopefully as much info as you need if you're a newbie!), but seriously this is a quick/easy $40 (or potentially MUCH more) win! So it's worth reading ...

If you don't already have a Rakuten (formerly known as Ebates) shopping portal account, today is the day to do it! Or, even if you do have an account, if any close friend/family (spouse?) doesn't have an account, today is the day to get them one!

*****IMPORTANT: $40 bonus ends 9pm PT, midnight ET - must sign up by then*****

*****UPDATE (as of 5/18/21): it now appears that the bonus has been lowered to $30 (from $40) for both the person signing up, and the person referring. SO BASICALLY CHANGE EVERY REFERENCE BELOW FROM $40 TO $30 (at least until 6/30/21 it appears).

Throughout this post, you will see that Rakuten is an orange hyperlink, that has my referral code embedded. I appreciate you using my referral link if you don't already have your own account!

Quickly, if you don't know what a shopping portal is ... you should! It is a website you use to begin an online shopping trip, and then depending on the website you shop at (after navigating from the shopping portal) you get paid a certain percentage "cash back" (or some pay in "points" or "miles") for shopping via that shopping portal. (The online retailer sends the shopping portal a bounty for sending you their way, and then the portal gives you some/all of that amount back.) Rakuten is certainly NOT the only shopping portal out there. And for any given shopping trip, you might want to use another shopping portal. For any potential purchase you might make, you can check CashBackMonitor to see what shopping portal is paying the best payout rate. Note that some online retailers do not pay out much or anything, and some (notably Amazon) will pay out very little or nothing for certain items/categories.

With that aside, WHY TODAY? Today only (actually over the past few days), Rakuten is paying an all-time high sign-up bonus of $40 for new signups. Just for signing up for a FREE account, and then spending at least $40 via the portal within 90 days. (They often pay $10-20 for a signup, occasionally jumping up to $30.) IMPORTANT: note that I will also get $40 if you sign-up using my referral link and complete the $40 spending.

Remember to complete the $40 in spending within 90 days. Quick tutorial/example. Just sign up for a Rakuten account. Then next time you want to buy something (could be one item over $40 or multiple purchases combining for over $40), log into Rakuten. (Note: I always recommend starting with a clean/private/incognito browser session - to make sure you don't have any "cookies" installed on your PC that might "hijack" the shopping portal, taking credit for the portal activity.) Then navigate via Rakuten to the website where you want to buy something. You will earn cashback on the purchase, and qualify for your $40 in purchases (within 90 days). Note that the cashback you earn (including your $40 signup bonus) will get paid to you in roughly 90 days. Rakuten pays out accounts (either via check or PayPal transfer - you choose in your account settings) on a quarterly basis.

If you are having trouble thinking of (or are concerned you might forget) what to buy for $40, feel free to shoot me an email or Twitter DM and I will make it VERY easy for you. (While email/DM'ing me can make it potentially even easier, the quick tip is this ... shop to via your new Rakuten account and buy a $40 gift card to your favorite store/restaurant! Just like that your $40 spending requirement is done, and you have effectively a "free" $40 gift card!)

HERE IS THE EVEN BIGGER WIN FOR YOU ... after you sign up (or if you already have an account), then refer you family/friends (preferably today!). For example, let's say you sign up and qualify for your $40 (and use my Rakuten referral link, getting me $40 - thanks!!). Then right away (don't even have to wait to do your required $40 in spending) you can start referring your friends/family (you'll find your referral link in your Rakuten account settings). Lets say you just invite one friend/family (your spouse?) via your referral link. If they sign up, they get $40 and you get $40 ... now you're up to $120! And then go from there. (I am not aware, and do not believe, that Rakuten has a maximum number of accounts per household or minimum age requirement. As far as I can tell/read, their only limit is one account per person.)

Remember this $40 deal is today only! After today (Monday, May 17th), their sign-up offer will probably go down to $10 or $20. Occasionally it will go up to $30. But $40 is the best I've ever seen.

Again, I appreciate you using my Rakuten referral link! But also want you to take advantage of this for referring your family and friends!

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