Friday, December 3, 2021

Five reasons you should have (or should consider having) a Swagbucks (shopping portal) account

For more details on the reasons you should want a Swagbucks account, keep reading below ...

There are lots of great "shopping portals" to sign up for (I'll write more about them and suggest some others sometimes soon). For now, I'm going to suggest you sign up for one called Swagbucks, if you haven't already (my referral link at the bottom of this - which I appreciate you using!).

The first, not so exciting, reason to sign up is that you will earn $10 worth** of Swagbucks for signing up and spending $25 via the shopping portal within 30 days. (One option is to just navigate to "GiftCardMall" website from Swagbucks and buy a $25 gift card to your favorite retailer or restaurant. For example, you could by a $25 Home Depot electronic gift card (eGC) for next time you need some home project items.

The second reason is that Swagbucks is often the best shopping portal out there. As always, before you shop anywhere online, I suggest checking website to find the shopping portal that is paying the best cashback rate (or miles/points earning) for shopping at that website. (Not that you will want shopping portal accounts at every portal, but if you have a handful of them, you can choose the one that is the best option for any given website you are purchasing from.)

The third reason you want a Swagbucks account is that there are other interesting "deals" (for generating spend on credit cards!) out there that require having a Swagbucks account. Specifically, there are often gift card deals you can buy on a website called MyGiftCardsPlus (MGC+). As an example, there is a deal right now where you can earn $100 worth** of Swagbucks, for buying $1000 (2 x $500) Lowe's eGC. That's a 10% discount** on Lowe's gift cards, and, as an example, there are people who would probably pay you $900 for those 2 x $500 Lowe's eGC (effectively giving you $1000 in "free spend" on your credit card).  IMPORTANT: have a plan for how you are going to sell those gift cards before you buy them, unless you have a use for them yourself!

The fourth reason to have a Swagbucks account is that they often have "signup deals" that are profitable. As an example, they might tell you to sign up for an account at an online wine company and you earn $50 with your first purchase of $30 or more. I'm just making that up as an example, but they have similar deals from time to time. So you order $30 worth of wine and they give you $50 worth** worth of Swagbucks.

The fifth and final (and maybe most interesting) reason to have a Swagbucks account is that Swagbucks occasionally runs a deal (as they are right now - never know how long they'll do it for) to allow you to purchase Swagbucks (as opposed to earning them via shopping or deals) at FACE VALUE (with a credit card). You might ask, why would I want to buy Swagbucks at face value?? The simple answer is that it is an easy/quick way to spend money on a credit card ... breaking even, but generating credit card spend (earning rewards and/or spending towards meeting a minimum spending requirement on a new credit card). Once you sign up for your Swagbucks account, to buy Swagbucks ... go to "Rewards" on the top of the page ... then choose "Buy SB" ... then choose the option to buy 2000 SB ($20 worth of SB) for $20 ... and input your credit card info. You can do this two or three times a day, but each purchase must be spread out by at least an hour. (I have also found that I can purchase for both me and my spouse on separate accounts.) Again, they run this deal from time-to-time, but it can go away at any time. IMPORTANT: do NOT EVER pay more than $1 for 100, or $1 worth of, Swagbucks. As an example, a standard offer is to pay $5.99 for 500 ($5 worth) of Swagbucks. Obviously you would NOT want to do this!! But paying $20 for 2000 Swagbucks ($20 worth) is a nice way to generate credit card spend on a 1:1 basis.

**Why do I keep making reference to a Swagbucks being "worth" something? That's because you can effectively turn Swagbucks into cash via turning them into PayPal funds on a 1:1 basis. The only "catch" to watch out for is that you can only do it in round numbers (I think $10 minimum). So you can have some "breakage" if you don't use Swagbucks semi-regularly (they don't expire). While you can "cash out" Swagbucks on a 1:1 basis via PayPal, they have some other interesting BETTER than 1:1 redemptions for gift cards from time to time. Notably, every month you can turn $22 of Swagbucks into a $25 gift card from numerous retailers (including Amazon).

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