Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Some new material on the PDXDealsGuy Blog. And a favor to ask! (if you like my content!)

I have recently picked up my activity on this PDXDealsGuy blog, so I wanted to give you (my loyal readers!) a bit of an update. Read on for more details ...

You may have noticed that after sitting (somewhat) long-dormant, I have upped my game a bit of late - getting out some new blog posts. I'm not saying this will continue (this isn't my career!). But, in particular, I wanted to highlight three recent posts focusing on credit cards that I think could be beneficial to many readers. (Full disclosure, these posts may contain referral links, for which I could potentially stand to benefit from if you use. But I will ALWAYS endeavor to make sure that I only point you towards best-available offers. At least at the time that I write these blog posts, as I can't promise that I will always be able to update old posts with the latest info. If my articles are not new when you read them, I suggest you look around to make sure you're getting the best deals/offers. Or feel free to shoot me an email to ask.)

Capital One Venture X

American Express Platinum Card

Southwest Airlines various credit cards (for the benefit of earning the SW Companion Pass)

I also wanted to ask you to consider doing me one, two or three favors! That is, if you like and value the content on my blog.

1) Please consider using my Amazon link when you start shopping trips at Amazon. While I usually suggest using CashBackMonitor to find the best shopping portal to use for earning cashback when you shop online, the reality is that Amazon usually doesn't pay much (if any - actually usually not any) cashback for most items/categories. So I'd appreciate if you'd use my link here (above). Or you can always find it in the upper-left-hand corner of Again, I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd start your Amazon shopping trips from that link! Thanks!

2) If you like what you read in my posts about credit cards (like the ones above), please use my referral links in those blog posts if/when you apply for the cards. And let me know if you get approved! (as it is helpful for me to track - and I have no other way to find out)

3) I also include the following link on the bottom of all of my blog posts ... which has a link to "other ways" you can help support my blog ...

As always, if you're interested in supporting the PDXDealsGuy blog in some small ways, please see some things you can do to support HERE. Sign up (left margin of homepage) to receive emails whenever there's a new post on the blog. MOST IMPORTANTLY, please consider using my Amazon link (can always be found in upper-left-hand-corner of PDXDG homepage!) when you navigate to shop at Amazon! 

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