Monday, February 23, 2015

ESPN the Magazine (comes with Insider access) for less than $5/year

If you care about ESPN the Magazine or "Insider" access, this is a nice deal.  Read on ...

As the headline mentions, a subscription to ESPN the Magazine comes with complimentary access to's "Insider" access (which you must have to access a number of articles and premium features on

Read more about this deal HERE, including the link to subscribe and the necessary coupon code.  Seems like this could be a very limited time offer, as it sounds like one coupon code stopped working, but now a newer one (ESPN222) is still working (I just used it).

As some people in the comments suggest, this deal is supposed to be for new subscribers only, but it is pretty common for these things to work for existing subscribers too (YMMV - your mileage may vary).  I have found that sometimes if you subscribe to a magazine you're already subscribed to ... the first time you get 2 issues at the same time, you just call into the customer service line for the magazine and ask them to merge the accounts.

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