Monday, February 2, 2015

MOSTLY EXPIRED: Great deals from 1-800-Flowers (and related "gift" websites) just in time for Valentine's Day

While this is "just in time" for Valentine's day, it is such a great deal that it really can be used anytime!  Read on ...

UPDATE:  Unfortunately the discounts available to me that make this deal work have mostly expired.  There are other 1-800-Flowers deals out there, but not quite as good as before (however, they seem to come back around from time-to-time).  WHAT I CAN OFFER STILL is placing the order for you (whatever the best deal you find is), to piggy-back on the unlimited free shipping offer that I signed up for a while back (and the person who gets the item from you via the delivery truck will not know that it came from my account - as the only thing that identifies the shipper is the "gift note" you can attach to the order).

MOSTLY EXPIRED (below) ...

I have written about this deal when it was previously available HERE.

I'm not going to write a ton this time.  Instead, if you want to read a lot about the deal, I'll direct you to my previous post (above) or a VERY in-depth discussion HERE.  As you will see, this blogger (who is a great blogger) writes about how to potentially use this deal to "feed the poor" (a great idea - but most will probably find this an odd way to go about doing charitable giving!) and/or to achieve (or partially achieve) the goal of getting a Southwest Airlines companion pass (although the easiest way is probably still to sign up for the SWA credit cards - ask me for more info, if you're interested).

BUT HERE'S THE SIMPLE DEAL.  If you don't want to read a bunch of stuff (above), then I'll make you this simple offer.  Piggy-backing on ways I've figured out how to make this deal work (as described above) and the free/unlimited shipping I already paid for (for the entire year) ... I can offer the following:  If you find anything on (or any of its affiliated websites - such as ones that sell gift/fruit baskets, chocolates, popcorn, or chocolate-covered strawberries), I can probably buy it for you for around HALF PRICE WITH NO SHIPPING FEE!!! ... IF it is priced at $29.99 (or $30) on their website (must be at least a $29.99+ item) ... anything more than $30 and I'll give you a price, but it will be a bit more than half-price (but still NO shipping fee for most weekdays - although there could be a $5 or so surcharge for weekend deliveries, and V-Day is on Saturday this year).  KEY DETAIL:  The person I ship the item to for you will NOT see it as coming from me (it simply comes from 1-800-Flowers, or affiliated website, with a "gift note" that you can fill out to say whatever you want - with your name, or no name - if you want it to be from a secret admirer!).

IF YOU WANT TO TAKE ME UP ON MY OFFER:  Just send me a link of the item you want to buy (specify any details if the item has multiple options - like 6 versus 12 chocolate-covered strawberries, or a a vase or no-vase for flowers).  Tell me when when you want it to be delivered, the person (with address) you want it delivered to, and the gift-note (up to a few sentences) you want included in the package.  I'll get right back to you to confirm the price (but see above for details of what to expect).  Of course, I'll confirm you want it for that price before I place the order, and we'll figure out how you will go about paying me.  :)

One final note, if you do read the blog posts (above), and decide to order for yourself ... I recommend a few things:  a) be sure you read the blog post very carefully to make sure you're getting the best deal, and b) THIS IS KEY: I recommend using code RR29 (not RR36) as I've found that it works for more items on the website (and affiliated websites).

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