Monday, May 11, 2015

Nice Price on Stretched/Framed Canvas Photo Prints

Looking for a relatively inexpensive way to display a large/blown-up photo on your wall?  I have used this deal previously (see photos below) and think it's pretty good quality.  Read on for more details ...

HERE is the deal (good through May 29th).  Note that the prices on this page (the website link) are BEFORE the "LGSTRETCHED" coupon code (prices with the coupon are shown below).

As you can see from the photo (below), I have used this deal myself ...

I think the only difference between the "Normal" and "Deluxe" is that the Deluxe has a thicker/wider frame.  Note that the photo prints to the edges, including on the side of the frame.  So when you crop your photo, be sure to adjust for the fact that some of the photo will be on the edge/side of the frame.

You probably can't tell from my office photo, but I think the quality is pretty good.  I don't want to oversell it, but I am certainly happy with it.  Especially if you are going to do the larger sizes, be sure to use a high resolution image to start with (a blown-up low-rez image will not look good).

As for the price, I think you'll find that it is really good (including free shipping).  You can often times find deals for photos canvas prints online via Groupon or LivingSocial, but I don't think I've seen any (many?) this good for these sizes (and you don't have to buy and redeem a "deal" voucher).  I believe that ArtsCow is a Chinese-based company, but I have not had any problems and the shipping was reasonably quick as I recall.

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