Thursday, December 10, 2015

Multiple deals: great Apple Watch & iPad sale, free drink at Target + MORE (read!)

I came across a number of nice deals this morning.  Some potentially big.  Some nice little freebies.  Read on ...

Here's the quick run-down ...

1) In case you missed it, and you know anyone with "nic" or "chris" (or similar) ANYWHERE in their name ... be sure they get a free Red Robin meal today.

2) BestBuy (and are have a great sale on Apple iPads and Apple Watches.  $100 off most Apple Watches, $100 off iPad Mini 4's, and $125 off iPad 2 Air's.  If you got a Discover Card (you still should before year-end if you haven't!), be sure to use Apple Pay (to effectively get another 22% off in-store) or the Discover Deals** shopping portal (to get 5% doubled off).  This might be TODAY ONLY, or it could go on for a few days (it's not explicit on their website - but I wouldn't be surprised to see certain models/colors sell-out quickly online and/or in-store).  [**UPDATE:  Thanks to reader Clifford for pointing out that the terms of the Discover Deals portal exclude iPads.  SHOULD still be good for Apple Watches. Next best portal would be Splender at 2%.]

3) Get a FREE DRINK in-store at Target each time you visit between now and Christmas, IF you have a Target REDcard (and if you don't, you should consider getting either their credit card or debit card variety - as it gives you 5% off everything at Target and  Details here ...

4) As found at SlickDeals, you can get $75 in iTunes gift certificates (mailed to you) for $55 at (formerly using MasterPass Checkout and the code MASTERPASS10 at checkout.  Limit 1 (maybe per order? or per account?).  MasterPass is fairly easy to use, and you can use a MasterCard or a Visa card.

5) Also as found on SlickDeals (and posted here in the past), get 2 college (NCAA) hoodie sweatshirts (and some other apparel) at for just $35 (for both, with free shipping). Great Christmas presents!

UPDATE ... almost forgot ...

6) 25% off any book at Amazon until 12/14 (or "until promotion ends") using the code "25OFFBOOK", as found on SlickDeals.


  1. Based on the T&C with Discover Deals: EXCEPTIONS: All Apple tablets, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, laptops, desktops, hard drives, Geek Squad services, digital downloads, long distance, .....

  2. Thanks. Good catch. Updated my post.

    1. Discover Deals (portal) and the Apple Pay promo are two different things, no?

      One can't "Apple Pay" from Discover Deal for the 22% promo. Unless I'm misunderstanding this.

    2. That is correct. They are 2 different things. That's why I said use one or the other. If you're buying online, you use the Discover Deals portal. If you're buying in-store, you use the ApplePay (with Discover) promo.

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