Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Two GREAT deals expiring at year-end. Consider acting NOW before you miss them!

One deal is a credit card deal I've written about a few times.  The other is a bank account sign-up bonus that I haven't previously mentioned.  Read on for details on both ...

My friend Shawn over a Miles to Memories wrote THIS POST today highlighting 10 great deals that are expiring at year-end.  He beat me to the punch (as is usually the case), as I have been meaning to highlight TWO deals in particular that I think everyone should at least consider.  And I would recommend not waiting until the last moment (who would do such a thing?!).

THE FIRST DEAL is signing up for a Discover credit card.  It's something I have written about a few times.  Most recently HERE.  I won't re-hash all the details (read all about it in the link in the previous sentence!).  Unfortunately, if you're just signing up now, you're probably too late to benefit from the ApplePay portion of the deal.  But there's still potentially great benefit from having all of your Discover-related rewards (sign-up bonus of $50, ongoing use of the card - earning 1% or 5% back, and the great but frustrating Discover Deals shopping portal) DOUBLED over the first 12 months of being a cardholder.

I have also written about using shopping portals WHENEVER YOU SHOP ONLINE quite a bit.  But if you're new to the concept, you might want to check out THIS RECENT POST (and potentially make a fairly easy $100).

THE SECOND DEAL is one that I have not written about previously.  And, as is often the case, I'm going to send you to Shawn at Miles to Memories for a far more detailed run-down of the deal (no need for me to try to replicate his impressive work).  His relevant posts are HERE and HERE.  As you will see, the "deal" is signing up for a CitiGold checking account.  And, to make it even better, funding the account with a rewards credit card (although be careful to follow his instructions on this part - to make sure you don't get hit with a cash advance fee or interest).  As you will see, you can get either 50,000 American Airlines miles or 50,000 Citi ThankYou points for signing up for the account (after meeting some minimum requirements - which you should be sure to read about!), as well as whatever rewards you get for funding the account with a rewards credit card (fund up to $100,000 - although most people don't have a credit card with that sort of a limit!).  My final note on the topic is that (as Shawn points out) the CitiGold account has a $30 monthly fee that is waived for the first couple months.  While you (and I) probably don't mind paying that $30 for a couple months (while you wait for the 50k miles/points to post), ultimately you might want to downgrade the account to a cheaper or free account (or cancel the account if it's not working for you).

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