Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Audible.com (audio book) subscription - 3 months for less than $2/month! (keep books forever! even works for current/previous subscribers!)

Well, I kind of packed the entire story into that subject line. But read on for some additional details ...

TravelZoo has a great deal going right now to get an Audible.com membership for 3 months, for $1.95/month instead of the usual $14.95. You can read all the details HERE.

The thing that sticks out about this deal is that it is explicitly for new, past, or existing customers. These deals come along often, but usually just for new customers.

If you aren't familiar with Audible, it's a great way to listen to books on your smart phone. The subscription gets you one free book "credit" per month (can be used any time - you bank the credits as long as you're a subscriber). Once you select a book with the credit, the book goes into your account and you have access forever (even if you cancel your subscription at a later date).

So, with this deal, you can basically buy 3 audio books for under $6 and keep them forever.

Important to note that your membership will continue at the full $14.95 rate after the first three months, so be sure to set a calendar reminder to consider cancelling after three months if you're not wanting to continue at the full price. Also note that Audible is owned by Amazon, so you used a shared account, if you have an Amazon account (and who doesn't?).

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