Friday, January 27, 2017

Did you buy a computer (or CD drive) between 2003-2008? Or milk in 2003? You're owed money!

I don't cover a lot of class action settlements, but this one probably applies to most people. Read on for details ...

First regarding computers and CD drives ...

If you bought a personal computer (or an optical drive, such as a CD-ROM drive) during the 2003-2008 time period, you probably are due up to $10 per instance in a recent class action settlement.

Rather than re-hash all the details, Danny the Deal Guru has the details for you HERE.

As you'll see, you don't still need to have the device or proof of purchase. Of course you should be honest in your filing, but at least you don't have the burden of documentation.

Given how easy it is to get this settlement, I suspect that enough people will apply that the payment will be adjusted down from $10 per instance.

Second regard milk ...

I'll be really brief on this one. If you bought milk in 2003 and lived in certain states (including Oregon), you'll want to read THIS Miles to Memories post regarding claiming class action settlement money.


  1. Thanks for HT. People who drink milk while surfing the web hit the jackpot here. ��

  2. No problem. Hope the traffic coming from me didn't overwhelm your blog! (haha) But definitely two nice/easy settlements that apply to lots of people.