Monday, July 21, 2014

EXPIRED: Random Deals (7/21)

Here's a few quick deals ...

A) Half price gift cards for GREAT fish & chips (happens to also be gluten-free) at two locations in Portland.  Use this LINK (referral link for me) to go to Portland Perks.  Then go to the "Featured Deals" for Portland and you should see the deal listed for Corbett Fish House and Hawthorne Fish House (same ownership and similar menus - different locations).  The deal is to buy $30 gift cards for $15 (plus $1 shipping).  These are real gift cards (not use-it-or-loose-it vouchers), so you can order as many as you want and use whatever partial amount of the card(s) for multiple visits.  Not the best fish & chips I've ever had, but very good.  They ran this deal one time before and RAN OUT OF CARDS pretty quickly.

B) Free (after $60 mail-in-rebate) premium edition dictation software (voice-to-text) for your computer.  I honestly haven't tried this software before, but the reviews are pretty good on Amazon.  I've been meaning to try it out, so I'm going to - since it's free!  Here's the LINK for instructions on getting the deal.  As some people on that website note, you want to be VERY careful about following the instructions to make sure you get the rebate (comes in the form of a Visa gift card).

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