Monday, July 28, 2014

EXPIRED: Random deals (7/28)

Here's a few for you ...

On pretty much all of these deals, remember that they can be made even better by using shopping portals (as described HERE).

1) Effectively "free" Sam's Club membership ($45 Groupon with $45+ in free stuff).  We don't have any Sam's Clubs (like Costco) in the Portland area.  But just in case you're reading this and are in a Sam's Club area.  Only good until 10pm PT on Tuesday, July 29th (unless it gets extended).  Here's the LINK.

2) Some Target deals, including $10 off $40 (through 8/2).  Read more HERE.  I also highly recommend (if you have good credit and shop at Target occasionally) getting the Target "Red Card" (their store-branded credit card). There's no annual fee.  It gives you 5% off everything you buy at Target or (instant 5% off).  And you get free shipping on everything from

3) Cheap power inverter with good reviews.  Read more HERE.  In case you've ever wanted to turn your car's cigarette plug into a regular AC/wall plug.  The problem with a lot of these inverters is that they are noisy and/or run very hot.  Apparently this one is quiet and doesn't typically get hot.  I ordered one, so we'll see.  I think you can get free economy shipping on this item.  Or read HERE to find out how you can get free 2-day shipping.

4) Cheap but nice windshield wiper replacements.  Read more HERE.  I think I posted this last time this deal came around (seems to every so often).

5) Cheap bluetooth/wireless speaker (play music from your phone).  Read more HERE.  Besides this speaker (model MT04) for $49.99 (and $30 in Sears "shop your way rewards" (SYWR) - that can be used as "cash" on FUTURE Sears or Kmart purchases in-store or online), there is a different version (model MT05) for $10 less (but also $10 fewer SYWR).  If you read through all the comments on SlickDeals website, you'll see that people also discovered that BOTH of these items sell for $10 less at (but you don't get the SYWR).  While Sears doesn't technically price-match Kmart (even though they now have the same ownership!), I (and lots of other people) got Sears customer support (via phone or online chat) to price-match (via a credit back to you AFTER you make the purchase).  There's no promise this price match will work (but, if you don't get it, you could always just take the item back for a full refund).  You may also find that on (after you sign up for a free Sears and SYWR account) they often put "surprise SYWR points" in your account (that you can apply towards reducing the price of items you purchase) and/or they also have coupons listed on the website that you can use (to reduce the price of an order or to get extra SYWR points).

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