Sunday, May 29, 2022

Get Wall Street Journal online membership ( for one-year for free! (does NOT automatically renew)

This is a great deal if you are a WSJ reader or just occasionally run into their paywall. Read on for more details ...

For whatever reason, the Wall Street Journal is currently giving away a free one-year online ( subscriptions to just about anyone who has a Visa card. Specifically you need to have a Visa Signature or Visa Infinite credit card, and most (not all) Visa's are one or the other. The online subscription gives you access to all of the WSJ newspaper articles (and probably more). Just online-only, not in print.

No reason not to sign up! If you ever come across a WSJ article you want to read, you'll thank yourself for having access (at least for the next year). Since most WSJ articles require you be a subscriber to read.

This deal appears to be good through May 31st, but it appears to have already stopped working at least once before. Then it started to work again (at least as of the time I sent this out!). So don't delay!

This is a great deal, considering usually charges $38.99/month. Granted, as a first-time subscriber you can usually get a better deal for a short period of time. And, even after the trial period, I have found that WSJ will generally give you half off (just under $20/month) if you tell them you're going to cancel your subscription. But you generally have to do this every 3 or 6 months (via phone!), so it's kind of a pain.

If you're already a subscriber you will NOT be able to extend your existing subscription with this deal. But you could create a new membership/login for someone else in your family (and then cancel or let your subscription expire).

Hat tip to Doctor of Credit for posting this deal. But here's what you need to know ...

Here is the LINK to the deal. Simply click on it and follow the instructions. It will ask you for ONLY the first 8 digits of your Visa card. I have found that most Visa cards have worked (including Bank of America and Chase), but not all (for whatever reason Capital One did not). So YMMV.

If your credit card qualifies (based on those first 8 digits), it will ask you for your phone number and send you a text code. It does not seem to me that the phone number must be associated with the credit card officially, but I'm not certain about that. It will send you a text code to your phone number and then provide you with a promotion code to use on the WSJ website (they provide a link to the promotion website) for getting this "free year" promotion.

You do NOT need to provide a credit card to activate this one-year free subscription. So there appears to be no way for WSJ to automatically renew your subscription a year from now. Don't complain to me if I'm wrong. But that's how it appears to me. So you can just use it for the next year, and then presumably the free subscription will just expire.


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