Thursday, June 9, 2022

Those Amex Personal Platinum (150k) and Gold (90k) offers didn't expire on June 8th after all (but need new offer links) ...

American Express had two great credit card offers that were supposedly expiring yesterday (June 8th). But they appear to be still alive, if you have a good offer link. Read on for more details ...

I previously wrote about the great offer (150k) available for the Amex Personal Platinum card, that was supposed to expire on June 8th. Similarly, Amex also had an offer to earn 90k points for their Personal Gold card that was also supposed to expire. Now it appears that both offers are back (or still around!), but require new/updated referral links from current cardholders - for you to be able to access the offers.

I updated my referral links in the Platinum 150k offer article (link to that article above). But HERE in a link to the 90k Personal Gold offer, if you're interested. The Gold card isn't as packed full of benefits (and credits that help you offset the big annual fee) as the Platinum card is, but it has a much lower annual fee. As you will see, the Gold card has an $250 annual fee, with "easy" credits to use that add up to $240 IF you use them ($10/month for Uber or UberEats, and $10/month for a short list of restaurants - including Cheesecake Factory and Shake Shack). The other nice benefit of the Gold card is 4x earning (up to $25k spending per year) at Grocery and Restaurants.

Note that sometimes the offers don't show up with the full/great offer (150k or 90k). If that happens, try opening up the offer links in an incognito/private browser session. Sometimes doing that gets them to work.

Read that Platinum 150k offer article (link above) for more info/details on why you might care about Amex points.

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