Monday, November 16, 2015

Free stuff from Victoria's Secret - with a little bit of work!

Mostly I traffic in electronics and travel deals.  Sometimes entertainment/leisure stuff.  So this is a bit strange. But if you're interested in Victoria's Secret, read on ...

On the surface, this is an in-store promotion.  But like most in-store promotions, there's a "no purchase necessary" component.  (I covered a similar promotion they ran last year HERE.)

The "official rules" of the contest going on now can be read HERE.

But in doing a Google search for the topic (surely someone must have written about this already!), I came across this summary of the deal on a blog called Free Stuff Finder.  You can read their summary of the deal HERE, so that I don't have to do much work myself!

I think the key is that you are guaranteed to get a $10 promotional card (could be more than $10) for every entry that you mail in.  Also key is that you EXACTLY follow the rules, in terms of the 4x6 paper size and #10 envelopes.  Finally, realize that you can only use these promotional cards during a short time frame from early- to mid-December.

If you read the notes of the Free Stuff Finder blog, you'll see speculation (that I think is probably correct) that you can probably only use one of the promo cards per order.  This is almost certainly true with online orders.  But it may be a YMMV situation in-store, where you may be able to convince an employee to let you combine at least a few cards.

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