Tuesday, November 25, 2014

POSSIBLE DEAL: $10 (or more!) off $10 at Victoria's Secret (online or in-store) - possibly up to 60 times!!

This one seems pretty crazy, but also could lead to $600 in merchandise from VS.  Read on ...

Read about the deal HERE and the fine print HERE.

From reading the fine print, it looks like this is legit and you could get up to 60 codes mailed to you.  Most likely, almost all of the codes will be good for $10 off $10 (or more) either in-store or online (although online orders will probably come with shipping costs).  Max of one code per visit or order.  Read the posts (above) for a trick on how to determine what the value is of the code(s) you get (although it is highly likely that they will all be $10 codes - but some could be as much as $50, $100 or more!).

Of course, it looks like the cheapest items at VS start at around $10.

Taken to the extreme, you could get 60 of those items for free and donate to a charity!

And, of course, everyone must decide for themselves what is an appropriate use (versus abuse?) of such a deal.  This appears to be one of those deals that retailers use to bring people into their stores, hoping that you'll spend more.  And you probably/usually get these codes if you shop in the store.  But like many of these types of promos, they must be willing to give you a code for free ("no purchase necessary") ... but it's surprising that the terms allow for up to 60 free email requests!

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