Thursday, September 22, 2016

A new way to sometimes get ~20% off hotel rooms! (via Greyhound!)

Just passing along some quick info today on a new tool to consider using when booking hotel rooms. Read on ...

Greg over at Frequent Miler found a great new tool to put in the rotation when searching for hotels. You an read his post HERE.

In a nutshell, you'll find that booking through Greyhound's (yes, the bus company!) rewards travel portal (anyone can join for free and use it) often times shows prices for hotels that are 15-25% less than other websites (such as Kayak, Orbitz,, etc.). Just log-in to your Greyhound account and find a link to book hotels. They say that they are partnered with Priceline to deliver the great prices, but I found the prices to be better than Priceline's (non-bidding*) hotel prices.

I tried it a few times and it seems to work! Only downside I found is that a few of the good rates I found were for non-refundable (prepaid) rooms. So be sure to look for that and make it part of your comparison. You also may not get "stay credit" or elite benefits in a hotel's rewards program when booking via Greyhound (or any other third-party). But for a lot of people the lower price is more important.

It won't work all the time. But it's worth putting into the rotation of places to shop from in looking for the best hotel deals.

* It is worth noting is that you can often find even better rates for hotels via Priceline (their name-your-own-price bidding service - NOT their standard hotel searching service, that is pretty much the same as Orbitz, et al) or Hotwire. And, while I won't cover it in this post, you can use and to help you navigate how much to pay on those sites for hotel rooms, and sometimes figure out what hotels you'll get (even though they don't tell you upfront). But if you're looking for a cheap/easy way to book a particular hotel (without the issues involved with Priceline & Hotwire), then putting this "Greyhound trick" into the toolkit is worth knowing about.

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