Tuesday, September 6, 2016

UPDATED: OR/WA-only "family" deal: Great Wolf Lodge via Groupon Getaways (Sept-Nov)

This isn't the "best deal ever" ... but figured I'd highlight this one for my local friends, since I'm taking advantage of it myself. Read on ...

UPDATE (9/7): The deal got even sweeter today. Groupon has a "Getaways" coupon code ("SALE3") for 10% off a booking made today. So I cancelled my order (read about below) and re-booked to save another $30 or so. Note: if a coupon code is not listed on a shopping portal (like Ebates), it is possible that the portal payment could be invalidated by the use of the coupon. But, in my experience, that rarely happens. And, in this case, the use of the coupon code (10%) is more valuable than the portal (6%). But if both work, all the better!

Of course Groupon is always running deals, including Local Deals, "Goods", and even vacations ("Getaways") like I'm highlighting in this post. I haven't bought many of their Getaways, but there is one that I tend to buy each year - as a little treat to my family (and friends of my kids).

Right now, Groupon Getaways has a deal for the Great Wolf Lodge (water park and lodge) for the September to November time frame. (I won't provide a direct link - as you should go through a portal, as I describe below, and just search for "Great Wolf Lodge".) The prices vary based upon your arrival date and how many guest you have.

I'll highlight why this is a good deal (albeit a splurge) for my family ...

First, you will find that the "cheapest" dates are non-weekends (not surprisingly). I don't know about you, but our kids have a LOT of "teacher in-service" days off from school in the fall, so we look for a weekday that works.

I chose the biggest room (the "Grand Bear Suite") that holds up to 8 people (a master bedroom, a second bedroom with 2 double beds, and a living area with a pull-out double bed). This allows us to take our family of 5 (3 kids), and lets each kid bring a friend (good thing we have an 8-person minivan!).

It's not cheap at $299 (plus $70'ish in taxes/fees!!). But not too horrible if you think about it as a decent hotel (nothing great - but at least there's a master suite!), plus 8 water park passes for 2 days (the day you arrive and the day you leave - you can use it as much as you want both days).

To make the deal a little better, be sure to navigate to Groupon via Ebates to earn 6% back (or whatever other good portal option you find at CashBackMonitor).

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