Thursday, June 19, 2014

Free (for some) 2-day Shipping from MANY Websites with ShopRunner (kind of like Amazon Prime)

You might be familiar with Amazon Prime,'s service that gives you "free" 2-day shipping (as well as access to some online videos and music) for an annual price of $99.99 (recently raised from $79.99). works in much the same way (excluding the videos & music), but gives you free 2-day shipping at 85 (or so) different online retailers.  If you're interested in potentially getting this service for free or learning more about it, read on ...

If you have an American Express credit card of any kind (and if you don't, why not? see good AMEX card options HERE), you can qualify for FREE ShopRunner service (and get to keep it as long as you have your AMEX card) via this link:

Or, if you are a current Amazon Prime customer who has not yet renewed with Amazon at the higher $99.99 price, apparently you can sign up for FREE ShopRunner service (for one year) via this link:

The list of online retailers that participate in the ShopRunner program include ToysRUs, NewEgg (a great computer/electronics retailer that not everyone knows about - often times is as cheap or cheaper than Amazon), DrugStore, EBags, AutoZone, TigerDirect, RadioShack, and many others.

When you shop at these websites, most of them show a little ShopRunner logo (a running man) next to items that are eligible for the free 2-day shipping.

I recommend NOT linking directly to the online retailer's website via ShopRunner.  Instead, link to the website where you intend to purchase the item one of the many cash-back/rewards shopping portals (which you can read about HERE).  Then, when you go to check-out and make your purchase, you should see the option to log-into your ShopRunner account to get the free shipping.  (If you click through from ShopRunner, they will get the credit for referring you as a customer.  But if you go via one of the shopping portals, you'll get cash-back or rewards!)

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