Wednesday, December 3, 2014 purchases for 20-50% off

This (especially the 50%) won't work for everyone.  But I'll give you the details below.  It is a particularly good deal, since Amazon sells just about everything, has great prices, and has free shipping for most orders above $35 (or 2-day free shipping if you have paid for Amazon Prime).  Read on ...

HERE is a nice link to an Amazon page that will describe a 30% off deal at Amazon for a bunch of categories, including apparel (men, women, children), luggage, and other accessories (such as handbags).  It is good through Saturday, 12/6, and seems to be unlimited in usage (can buy as much as you want at 30% off Amazon's prices - in one order or multiple orders).

If you are an American Express cardholder (or have multiple AMEX cards), I can make the deal even better.  First, you need to know about AMEX Offers (read HERE).  This requires some work, but two current AMEX Offers (available on most AMEX cards - but MUST be loaded onto your card, as described in the link in the previous sentence) are:  1) $10 off $50 at Office Depot or Office Max (now same ownership), and 2) $20 off $100 at Staples.  Using either of these offers, you can buy Amazon gift cards at those places and effectively buy them for 20% off.  (Note that, at least at Office Depot, they don't appear to have Amazon gift cards.  But, if you look closely, you'll find Kindle gift cards - which ARE Amazon gift cards, per the fine print - and I've tested it.)

So, in total, you can get 20% off Amazon gift cards (good for use on ANYTHING at Amazon), and 30% off through Saturday (on some categories) with the Cyber Monday week code.  For a total of up to 50% off.

Note, there are other ways to get discounted Amazon gift cards.  You can buy Amazon gift cards from places like or Ebay, but the discount for a place like Amazon (everyone loves Amazon!) won't be very large (nowhere near 20%).  Or you could buy discounted gift cards to a place like Sears (don't know of many others that fall into this category) and then buy Amazon gift cards at Sears.  It is possible that any particular Sears cashier might tell you that you can't buy gift cards with gift cards, but I have never had a problem - even had Sears managers say it's okay.  But your mileage may vary (YMMV).

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