Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Some nice deals at Portland Perks - Golf, Xmas trees, carpet cleaning, Nutcracker & more

Some good deals available, for an extra 20% off today (and just a bit less the next few days).  Read on ...

If you live in the Portland area, check out the currently available deals HERE on Portland Perks (a "deals" service similar to Groupon).

[Note:  That link is my referral link.  If you are a new PP customer and buy a deal, I think I get a $5 PP credit.  Unfortunately, it does NOT take you to their main/front page where ALL their current deals are listed.  So you need to click on the "Current" link on the top of their page - to get off their featured deal and see the full list of all their deals.]

Use the promo code "PDXTuesday" to get an extra 20% off the prices today-only.  An email I got from them implies that the percentage-off drops by 1% per day for the next few days (through Friday).  I suspect the promo codes each day will be "PDX[day-of-the-week]".

As you will see, some of the nice deals (price after 20% off) include golf-for-2 (with cart, balls, and a lunch credit) at the Reserve for around $70, whole-home carpet cleaning for $80 (GREAT deal we've used before), discounted Christmas trees at a few places, and discounted Nutcracker tickets (although I'm sure the downtown show won't be nearly as good as the performance my daughters are in at West Linn High School this Friday & Saturday - ask for details!!).  :)

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