Tuesday, December 16, 2014

(DEAD) HURRY! 20%+ off at Sears (or Sears.com) and possibly Amazon (and other retailers/restaurants)

This is the same VERY limited time deal that I posted a couple weeks ago.  But it's around again and a great deal, so I'm posting an update ...

Sorry - this deal is dead (for now).

HERE is the info (with link) you'll need from my favorite travel/deals blogger.

Besides buying Sears gift cards (they are physical cards that take a week or two to come in the mail to you - so might be too late for Christmas, if that's what you're thinking) at a nice 20% discount ($80 for $100), there's some other nice aspect to think of here ...

1) While this deal seems to be coming back every so often via eBay, these cards will probably go very fast (possibly before you read this - if so, sorry!).  So you probably want to hurry if you want to jump on this deal.

2) Note that you can buy up to three $100 cards per eBay account.

3) Always use a shopping portal when shopping online!  In this case, I recommend using GoCashBack.com.  I have to admit that it's not a shopping portal I've used much before, but it seems to work (no guarantees in life - and especially "deals"!!) and pays back a much higher percentage for eBay purchases than most portals (4% versus a typical 1%, at least as of right now - the percentage payouts via any particular portal can change from day-to-day!).  If you want to use GoCashBack, please consider using my referral link HERE (you'll get $5 for signing up and I'll get a whopping $5 too!).

4) If you have an eBay account, you should ABSOLUTELY sign up for eBay Bucks HERE.  You get 2% back from eBay on all (or at least most) purchases you make on eBay, in the form of a credit that can be used on eBay for future purchases in the next calendar quarter (just be sure to use them or the expire fairly quick).  Sometimes you'll get emails from eBay telling you that they are paying 2x (4%), 3x (6%) or 4x (8%) eBay Bucks for a limited time - which can be a great deal!

So if you combine GoCashBack and eBay bucks (along with whatever rewards credit card you can use to fund your PayPal account - to pay with at eBay) with this 20% off Sears gift card deal, you're actually getting more than 25% off the price of the gift cards.

FINALLY ... what do you do with these Sears cards???  Well, you can buy stuff at Sears (or Sears.com).  Of course, Sears is know for their tools & appliances ... but also remember things like their auto centers ... and Lands End store-within-a-store (where they accept Sears gift cards).  OR ... you can usually buy GIFT CARDS at Sears stores (but not on Sears.com).  Some cashiers will tell you that you can't buy gift cards with Sears gift cards, but I've had an 80%+ success rate (you can always just go to the next cashier stand).  Sears sells LOTS of gift cards, including Amazon and many restaurants (and I highlight Amazon, since Amazon sells LOTS of stuff for really good prices - and its tough to get coupons or discounts at Amazon for most stuff they sell).

WORST CASE ... you can sell these gift cards back via websites like Cardpool.com for 80% of their face value.  So, barring something horrible (like Sears going out of business - which could happen!!), you should be able to at least get back the money you put into this (if you end up not being able to use the cards in the way you had hoped).

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