Friday, September 18, 2015

$100 off hotel nights via Orbitz! (through 10/2) ACT FAST! (Can cancel bookings if need be!)

This is a GREAT deal if you need a hotel between now and October 2nd.  Read on ...
Not sure how long this will last.  Probably not long.  Maybe minutes, maybe hours ... probably not days.  So if you're interested at all, I recommend booking a room NOW ... just make sure the cancellation policy allows you to cancel, if need be (most of them do).

As you can read about HERE on Dan's Deals, the coupon code "MASTERPASS" gets you $100 off a nightly stay at many hotels via right now.  I first saw this via Oren's Money Saver on Twitter.

The code is good for stays through October 2nd.  The hotel night can be for any amount over $100. So a $101 room would be $1 (plus full taxes).  If you want multiple nights, I recommend booking each night as a separate reservation (to get $100 off each night).  Most hotels will allow you to stay in the same room, if you let them know about the multiple reservations before you check-in.

You will need a MasterCard and sign up (before booking at Orbitz) for the MasterCard online wallet called "MasterPass" (similar to Visa Checkout, if you're familiar with that).

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