Friday, September 11, 2015

Make an easy $50 (or $125**)! (some risk & effort involved, but not much)

As you will read, this deal involves buying "bitcoins" and getting a nice sign-up bonus.  Read on ...

The idea for this was blatantly stolen from Vinh at Miles Per Day (HERE).

As Vinh outlines, you are basically signing up for a Coinbase account and buying $100 in "Bitcoin" (via two $50 daily transactions).  When you sign up and do so via my REFERRAL LINK (or feel free to use Vinh's - and follow his instructions), I will get an email notification giving me $75 (worth of bitcoins) for you signing up.  Just like Vinh, if you do so via my referral link, I'm happy to send you two-thirds of the Bitcoins (roughly $50).  [Note: be sure to prompt me so that I see and verify your sign-up using my referral.]

The daily limit for funding your account is $50 (only via a checking account, not credit card), which is why you need to get to the $100 threshold via two daily transactions.

Important notes:  A) They will ask for your bank log-in information to set up a link to your bank account to fund the Coinbase/bitcoin account (up to you if you trust them!);  B) They will ask you to upload a photo of the front of your drivers license to verify your identity (again - up to you!);  C) There is a $0.50 charge per transaction, so it will actually cost you $101 via 2 transactions to buy $100 in Bitcoin; and D) WARNING: the value of Bitcoin can fluctuate (so once you buy your $100 in Bitcoin and get $50 from me, you may want to sell your Bitcoins and take your money back out).

Once you have signed up, you are welcome to use the referral link on your account to refer your friends and family (like I am doing to you here).  Up to you to decide how you want to split up the $75 referral bonus you get (when they sign up and fund their account with $100+).

**For those of you playing the "2 (or more!) player game" (you + spouse, etc.), this could actually be a fairly easy ~$125.  $50 for signing up via my referral link (or Vinh's), and $75 for referring your spouse!  [Note: I have NOT confirmed this yet, but I don't see anything in the terms that would restrict referring your spouse or another household member. All their terms say is that they can deny duplicate referrals from the same person. I'd probably suggest that your spouse/friend use a different bank account than you to fund Coinbase.]

While I'm at it ... begging for referrals ... I'll link back to an old post (HERE) where you can sign up for Ebates to get an easy $10 (much easier than this Coinbase/Bitcoin deal).

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