Wednesday, September 9, 2015

CONFIRMED ... 20% off everything (thru year-end) with Discover credit card via Apple Pay!

The Discover "deal of the year" keeps getting better.  Read on for more details ...

[See updates at bottom of this page.]

Vinh at shared THIS link via Twitter.  HERE is the actual press release from Discover.

I have written before (HERE) about what a great deal it is to have a Discover credit card these days (and why you might want to sign up ASAP - before the end of September).

If I am reading this new Discover press release correctly, anyone who uses Discover and Apple Pay (so obviously you'll need an iPhone too) to pay for anything between 9/16 and year-end will get 10% off.  I believe (but will need to confirm) that this should qualify for Discover's promotion of having all cash-back doubled for the first 12 months (with the doubling occurring at the end of the 12 months).

Last time I checked, 20% off is pretty good (everywhere you can pay with Apple Pay - which is a lot of places these days).  Especially up 20% off up to $10,000.

I will update this as I learn more.

Update/clarification:  My understanding is that Discover's "double all points for 12 months" promotion is now only available to new cardholders.  For a period of time, existing cardholders could request participation in the promotion - but I don't think that's an option any longer.  But this could be a great deal if you (or your spouse?) don't already have a Discover credit card.  (And, of course, the usual warnings about credit cards.)

*Update#2:  Just a thought.  Even if you're not an iPhone user, this deal is so great you might want to think about becoming one!  Maybe buy the cheapest Apple Pay compatible iPhone you can buy (think it has to be an iPhone 6 or newer?) and sign up for the cheapest plan with any phone company you can find, (TMobile? for just 3-4 months?)  Even if you can't find $10,000 worth of stuff to buy in 3.5 months, to get 20% off everything you buy ... it might be worth buying some prepaid credit cards (to "lock-in" the 20% off) via Apple Pay to use at a later date.

Update#3/CONFIRMATION:  I just got done chatting with Discover support.  Here is the key part of my exchange:

Okay, but you're sure that the double cash back promotion would apply to the 10% cashback earned on this Apple Pay promotion? I would think that it would (as I have heard that ALL cashback earned during the double cash back promotion is eligible to be doubled). But I just wanted to be sure. Thanks.
Yes, any and all Cashback Bonus you earn in the 12 months will be doubled. That was part of your terms with the double Cashback Bonus promotion.

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