Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Cool Personal Investments "dashboard" - plus (an easy) $20 Amazon GC for signing up!

This looks like a cool service. And an easy $20! :)  Read on for more details ...

Maybe you're familiar with the website, for keeping track of your personal finances across multiple banks?

My friends over at Miles to Memories posted (HERE) yesterday about a new/similar service called Personal Capital. The main difference is that Personal Capital is more focused on personal investments, whereas Mint is more focused on banking relationships (although there is crossover between the two for sure). So far, from what I've seen, I like Personal Capital's "dashboard" functionality for seeing investments across multiple brokerage firms (and banks).

A cool thing about Personal Capital is that they are giving you a $20 Amazon gift card just for signing up for their service and linking at least one financial institution (doesn't have to be brokerage - some big banks will work too**). IMPORTANT: you need to feel like you can trust them, since you will be signing into at least one (or more) of your financial institutions from their website. If you ever become uncomfortable (after trying it out for a day), you can always un-link your bank/brokerage log-in info. But definitely follow your gut on whether or not you feel comfortable.

**UPDATE: I discovered that to qualify for the $20 Amazon gift card, the linked account DOES need to be a brokerage account of some sort.

If you use my PERSONAL REFERRAL LINK to sign up (or feel free to use the link from Miles to Memories in their post), both of us will get $20 Amazon gift cards. In my experience, sometimes you get a "welcome" email from Personal Capital (shortly after signing up) and sometimes you don't. Regardless, you should get your Amazon gift card delivered to you digitally within a day or so. (Make sure when you click my link that the page it goes to looks like the one above - letting you know that you will get $20, in the form of an Amazon gift card.)

(Note: to get the $20 Amazon gift card, you must sign-up for the service AND link at least one financial services account.)

Again, if you sign up and decide you don't like it, you can always un-link your bank/brokerage account (or probably close your Personal Capital account altogether). But I'm definitely enjoying it and going to keep giving it a try.

Just wanted to pass it along because (obviously): a) I think it's interesting, and b) we both stand to make $20. :)

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  1. I wish the Amazon GC was around back when (early 2017) I signed up....just a measly $35 gift Cheers!

  2. I created an account, added a bank account, but have still never received the gift card. Am I the only one?

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