Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Make a quick/easy $60! ("catch" - you have to try out some cool products)

This is a pretty easy, fun & lucrative deal. Actually it's two deals. Read on for more details ...

Swagbucks is a shopping portal, not unlike many others - but with a different spin. Instead of earning "cashback" or miles/points like a lot of other portals, Swagbucks pays you in ... well, Swagbucks (their own point system). 100 Swagbucks equals $1 in value, best used to get gift cards. My favorite options are either PayPal (the actually just deposit funds directly into your PayPal account - which you can then easily transfer to a bank account tied to your PayPal account) or Amazon gift cards. In fact, once per calendar month, you can convert 2200 Swagbucks into a $25 Amazon gift card (an extra $3 bonus).

Occasionally Swagbucks gives you a really nice bonus for trying out new products, services, or websites via their portal. That is the case today for Hulu (the video streaming service) and Gillette (a subscription service for razor delivery). So here are the step for making some money (well, Swagbucks) by trying out (signing up for) these services (must be a new user) via Swagbucks ...

1) If you don't have a Swagbucks account already, sign up for one. HERE is my referral link (I think I get $3 in Swagbucks for you singing up - and maybe 10% of whatever you earn via Swagbucks going forward - so thanks for using my link!).

2) Close all of your browsers**. Open a clean/new browser session, and I recommend using a private/incognito browser session (to make sure you don't have any "cookies" on your computer already for one or both of the services you'll sign up for).

3) Go to Swagbucks and log into your account. On their main page, look for the Hulu (3200 points) and Gillette (4000 points) offers.

Let's assume you want to do both.

4) Follow the link from Swagbucks to the 3200 point Hulu offer. Sign up for their cheapest monthly plan of $7.99/month. You will need to subscribe with a credit card. I suggest setting a reminder to potentially cancel Hulu before the first month is up, if you don't feel like you're getting $7.99/month of value from the subscription. Again, this deal is only for people who haven't subscribed to Hulu recently. You SHOULD** see the 3200 Swagbucks show up into your account right away (might have to log-in & -out of your Swagbucks account). And you should be able to get an Amazon or PayPal (or whatever) gift card right away (takes a day or two to process though).

5) **Again, close down all of your browsers. Then start up a new browser (preferably private/incognito) session. You might even want to reboot or use a different computer/device (and maybe even IP address) to maximize your chance of this working. Shopping portals can be touchy about paying out, especially for the second time in the same day (even though they should).

6) This time follow the Swagbucks link to the Gillette "on demand" offer for 4000 Swagbucks. Sign up for their cheapest $7/month plan (the "middle" one, at least when I signed up, actually has no shipping charge - whereas the "left" one has a $2 shipping charge). You can set the deliveries to be as much as 6 months apart. And, again, I recommend setting up a calendar reminder to yourself to potentially cancel the service (before your second payment), in case you don't feel like you're getting the value you want.

At the end of the day, if you sign up for both, you SHOULD** earn 7200 Swagbucks. That's enough for a $25 Amazon gift card (2200 Swagbucks) and a $50 deposit to your PayPal account (5000 Swagbucks). So you're getting $75 in value, in exchange for trying an $8 and $7 service. So net $60 benefit ... and then up to you if you want to continue with either or both of the services.

UPDATE: Shortly after signing up for Gillette, I got an email from Swagbucks that says: "We wanted to let you know that your SB are pending until July 29, 2018." I could have sworn my account went up by 4000 and the look available already, but just a warning that you might not be able to use those 4000 points for a month. (But you can still cancel your Gillette subscription at any time if you decide you don't want it. Especially if you set your deliveries for every 6 months.)

**NOTE: I keep putting these "**" in this post because I've found that Swagbucks can be touchy. It is POSSIBLE they will not pay you the Swagbucks you deserve. You can then file a claim with them, but it can be a pain. So follow my instructions as carefully as you can, and it will increase your chances of this working out. BUT BE AWARE that this MIGHT NOT work ... and, if so, please don't be mad at me! Haha. But I think it's worth the risk to try ... and you get to try out a couple of cool services.

Also, you should be able to do this for more than one adult in your household. But, similarly, I recommend being as careful as possible to use different devices and IP addresses (maybe wifi in your house for one, and cellular network for the other - or use a VPN) for signing up. That will maximize your chances for getting the Swagbucks you deserve.

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