Wednesday, November 26, 2014

FREE (or worst-case cheap) unlimited 2-day shipping for many online retailers via ShopRunner

If you aren't familiar with ShopRunner's free 2-day shipping from many websites, read on ...

I have written about this previously HERE, but figured it was time for an update - just in time for Christmas shopping.

As mentioned in my previous blog post (above), ShopRunner is available for FREE to anyone who has any kind of AMEX credit card (personal or business), as long as it is issued by AMEX (there are a few AMEX cards that are issued by banks other than AMEX itself).  HERE is the link to sign up for free.

If by some chance you don't have an AMEX cards (and there's lots of great reasons why you should, as detailed HERE), there's another deal going on currently via LivingSocial to get a year of ShopRunner for $9 (or less) - as you can read about HERE.

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