Monday, November 9, 2015

GREAT deal on a $500+ VERY nice Canon digital camera (plus other goodies)!

I know that most people are perfectly happy using their smart phones for most or all of their photos these days, but just in case you happen to be interested in a NICE camera at a GREAT price ... read on ...

Note:  While I thought this deal was dead, it might be back HERE (just in a different color). [Not sure how long it will last - so I apologize if/when this link dies.]

You can read more about this deal I learned about from Dan's Deals HERE and/or HERE, for two different very nice Canon digital camera bundles.

If you are interested, you might want to ACT FAST, as it is quite possible that one or both of these deals will go quickly.

As you will read in those posts, you get a great camera (both with very strong reviews at Amazon), plus a bundle of other goodies.  I'll use the first link (above) as an example.  The bundle includes a Canon EOS Rebel SL1 DSLR camera (comes with a normal lens), along with a telephoto lens, a Canon PIXMA Pro-100 wireless printer (apparently great for photos), a 32GB SD memory card, some photo paper, and a camera carrying case.  All of this for $750, minus a $350 mail-in-rebate (so $400 after rebate).

The camera itself sells for $500 on Amazon, or $600 with the extra lens.  The printer sells for $375.  And the other goodies all have some value too.  You COULD sell the printer and/or the extra lens, if you just want the camera.  But, beware, the after fees & shipping you'd likely only net $150 or so on selling the printer (can only sell it as "used/like-new" on Amazon, in part because you'd have to take the UPC code off the printer for the rebate).

If you do this, you can also get 2% off via shopping through the TopCashBack portal.  Combined with using a 2% (or so) rewards credit card, you'd be saving another 4% off the pre-rebate price (so saving another $30).  So, all-in-all, you can get this full bundle ("worth" over $1000) for $370'ish (after rebate, portal, and credit card rewards), or you could sell the printer and/or extra lens to bring the overall net price of the camera down somewhere into the $100-$300 range.

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