Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving! And $5 for $20 on various deals via! (update: still going on Cyber Monday)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  This deal is only good in certain geographies, but if you live in one (like PDX), then there's always some good deals when this deal rolls around.  Read on ...

UPDATE:  The code for Cyber Monday is "TICKTOCK" (or maybe "SURPRISE")  The code for Black Friday is "BFDEALS" and possibly "GETDEALS" on Saturday??

I've posted about this deal a few times before, but this is always a good deal when offers their "$5 off" coupons.  Today's coupon code is "GOBBLE" and is supposedly good today only.  Sometimes they carry these deals on over the course of an entire weekend, so check back at the website if you're looking at this after Thanksgiving day, as they usually post the updated coupon code (if available) at the top of the website.

So what's the deal?  I can't check multiple locations across the country (you have to put in your zip code to see what deals, IF ANY, are available in your area).  But in the Portland area, the deals come and go, but there's usually some interesting ones.  With the "$5 off" code today, some examples of deals include $5 (after code) for $20 worth of merchandise/food at:  Asian Kitchen (West Linn), Rivershore Bar & Grill (Oregon City - I've heard they have good breakfast), Nothing Bundt Cakes (Clackamas only), Bliss Bake Shop (Beaverton), G6 Airpark (Vancouver only), Eagle Landing Golf Course (par 3 & mini-golf in Clackamas), and a few others!

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