Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Why shopping portals are great! (Subtitle: Make $100 pretty easily, and help me to do the same!)

If you've read this blog (or similar blogs!) for long, you're probably well-aware of shopping portals.  But for more info, read on ...

I've written about shopping portals previously, including HERE.  I have to admit that I've meant to update that post for a while, in hopes of simplifying things a bit for those unfamiliar with shopping portals.

Today, let me present you with a couple key points, and then a way for you (and me) to potentially make some pretty quick/easy cash (potentially $100 or more pretty easily).

Point #1:  IF YOU BUY ANYTHING ONLINE, check CashBackMonitor first.  It is a great website/resource for finding out the best "portal payout(s)" for any given website you might be buying from.  There are a lot of shopping portals, so there's something to be said for consolidating your efforts on a few portals that you care about.

Point #2:  Be careful to get credit for using the shopping portal.  The concept behind all portals is that the website you end up buying from gives "credit" (in the form of a kickback payment) to the portal for sending you to them as a customer (and then the portal gives you some or all of that payment).  KEY POINT:  To make sure you get credit for shopping through the portal, do 3 things.  First, make sure you don't have anything in your shopping cart at the website you intend to purchase from (and know exactly what items you are going to purchase).  Second, after you have checked to make sure your shopping cart is empty, always start your shopping via a new/fresh browser session/window (preferably a "private" or "incognito" browser), going first to the shopping portal (not to the website you are buying from).  Finally, third, make sure that whatever you're buying isn't on a list of exclusions for which the portal doesn't pay out (and realize that sometimes using a coupon code on a website can also invalidate the portal payout - although I've found this to be rare).  If you do these things, you have a good chance of getting paid properly via the shopping portals (and you can dispute with the portal if you don't get paid - as long as you've followed their stated rules).

SO HERE IS THE DEAL ON MAKING A FAIRLY EASY $100!! (and helping me to do the same)

[Note: This has been "covered" by a lot of other great bloggers out there, including Shawn at Miles to Memories.  I encourage you to support your favorite blogger, even if it's not me (!!!), by signing up for portals via their referral links.]

If you have never signed up for and used Ebates (one of the most well-known and reliable shopping portals out there), please consider using my referral link HERE.  If you sign up via that link (and spend at least $25 at any online retailer via the Ebates portal), you can see that I'll earn $100 after 3 people sign up (and make a $25 purchase).  THEN YOU CAN DO THE SAME THING, getting 3 people to sign up and making a fairly easy $100 for yourself.  You can read their terms and conditions for yourself, but the key thing to know is that you can't sign up "fake" people, and the real people must be at least 18 (there is NOT any "max of X number of people per house/address" restrictions as far as I can tell).  You also get a $10 gift card (to Target, Walmart, Kohl's or Macy's) for signing up yourself (using my link or going directly to Ebates) and completing the $25 spend.

I previously wrote about (and it is still available!) a similar easy way to make $20 (or potentially $60 if you have a spouse) by signing up for the Upromise shopping portal (offer ends 12/31/15).

Here is a list of other portals (and my referral links) you might want to consider signing up for:

Mr. Rebates:  If you sign up, you get $5 after your first purchase.  Another cool feature is that you get a small kicker (equal to 20%) for each time someone you refer earns cash back in the future.  So if you were to earn $50 in cash back via this portal, and you signed up via my referral link (above), I'd earn $10.  If you have a spouse, a great thing to do would be to sign yourself up and then refer your spouse (then when your spouse shops, both of you earn).





Final note:  As you will see on CashBackMonitor, there are LOTS of other portals out there.  In particular, besides the ones listed above, there are portals tied to loyalty programs (airlines and hotels) and banks (such as Chase).  These other portals can be a great way to earn loyalty program miles and points instead of cash.  Again, especially if you're new to this, I suggest focusing on a few portals. But it doesn't hurt to sign up for any/all of these portals (and I appreciate you using my links!).

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